Friday, January 14, 2011


It's time i be brutally honest with you... I'm not who you think i am. Now i'm not a fake bitch, if that's the first conclusion you jump to, get the hell off of my blog.
What i mean to say is, i'm not the sweet, normal, care-free girl you suspect.
Now granted, no one is perfect. We all have our flaws, truly that is what makes us beautiful.
But when you see those flawless creatures on the billboards, and on commercials, you look in the mirror and think "Is it right for me to wear all this eyeliner, and dye my hair crazy colors?"
Answer: Yes.
Because if it's YOU then hella yes it's right!
If you feel comfortable, then do it.
As long as it's not risking your health or causing pain to loved ones, then it's YOUR LIFE!
Now, this is exactly what parents DON'T want you to get the idea of.
Think of it this way ladies and gents, you may live under their roof and have to live by their rules, but the second you hit 18... BAM... You suddenly have a life of your own.
But that's not quite fair.
Why should you have to wait to be 18 to get gauges or a tat, when all your friends already have 'em at 15?
You shouldn't.
The thing is, you shouldn't disrespect your parents rules.
But you shouldn't go down without a hella good fight.
Not a yelling, screaming fight.
But one where you let them know that you are who you are and you LOVE who you are.
Here are the key points you need to hit:
  • I'm not changing for anyone else! I'm doing this for me because it feels RIGHT!
  • This is who i am and i'm sorry you can't except that!
  • You'd think a mother/father could love their child NO MATTER WHAT!!
  • I think i'm beautiful and that's all you should want from me!
  • I don't let other people tell me what to do or judge me. I do me, and that's what you should be proud of!
All of these key points will hit home in a parents heart.
So there ya go bloggerloverrs(: