Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tumblr? FTW♥

I will now post everything on tumblr.

^ ^ ^
Follow me(:
I love you all!♥

xoxo Kota

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Like Miles Davis, I've been swayed by the cool

Proof that microwavable cakes aren't as bad as you'd assume!

My insanely adorable Shih-Tzu... Aka Little Bit ♥

With the ragged sails high, and the radio on

Couple things to drop in and discuss here!

One - I need your help! I want a new layout for my beloved blog! Something simple, that doesn't take away from the posts, maybe just all white? Or all an eggshell kind of white? Well send me your ideas! I prefer you to email them to me (
Thanks bundles!

Two- Spoon is now my THIRD favorite band! Top 3! (Just saying)

Three- I REALLY want a "Keep Calm.." poster(:

That's all, email please!

xoxo Kota

I'd look psychotic in a balaclava....

Vampire weekend...
Definately the best way to start a post! I haven't been up 2 much.. However i did put my untamed cooking skills to the test! I know you're thinking i probaly burnt down half of Missouri, but ALAS i did not(:
They actually turned out quite well(:
I'd love to post a picture, but blogger is obviously trying to save the last sliver of cooking dignity i have, and is refusing to let me.
Moving on..
I've been wondering how thin the walls are in this building...
Because i do quite enjoy blasting my music, but the man in the complex next to us has yet to complain. I guess the walls are thick. That or he enjoys The Gaslight Anthem and Florence + The Machine.
If so, we should get along quite well(:
Meh. I don't like snow.

Welp, i must be on my way now ladies and gents!

xoxo Kota

Liz, Kota, And Jess

Liz, Kota, And Jess
Liz, Kota, And Jess by KotaKat featuring silver skinny jeans

Me and My Girls(:
This pretty much describes everything that reminds meh of them! I love you boff(:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Of The Jukebox Romeos....

Kota luffs her Mackeane
Juss thought i'd let all chu other bitches know, he's mine.
And as ferr all you guys out to get meh, sowwie!
I'm not leaving this boy until he orders meh away(:
He makes meh smile, laugh, and feel pretty (when i know i'm not)

I'm so glad i metchu baby
Peas don't leave meh!

Your Kota Baby

New York

New York
New York by KotaKat featuring lace hipster panties

*SIgh*... I love NYC ♥

Every Day

Every Day
Every Day by KotaKat featuring v neck tees

Basically what i do/wear everyday(:

Spring Pink

Spring Pink
Spring Pink by KotaKat featuring yellow gold jewelry

A fresh/feminine spring look

And in my head there's all these classic cars and outlaw cowboy bands...

Hello fellow bloggers

I haven't really posted a to post in a while, eh?
Well here it is!
So fear no more(:
Current Obsession: Bracelets

I'm pretty sure i have succesfully made a world record for number of Almond Joys consumed in one setting(:
What can i say? I just adore those little chocolate coated coco-nut almond clusters(:

On another topic, i miss New York.
No like really guys, I'm suffering withdrawal! I might have to consult a psychiatrist if the symptoms get worse!

Ever heard of the Gaslight Anthem? No? You're missing out.
Go look 'em up. Right now.
Specifically, "We Came To Dance"

I'm proud to say i'm finally over all the thick make-up and black hair(:
I'm back to good 'ol boring writer, classic novel reading, indie music listening, v-neck wearing, red hair sporting, cheesy smile flashing, and blog obsessing Kota

So ya'll can stop fretting!
Though i do have great respect for girls who dye their hair Blue(:
But mine will now stay CHERRY RED (though orange, and yellows will be added at random times)

I love the font Helvetica
It's pretty legit

I discovered the band: The Sex Pistols   today(: They rockk(:

That's all(:
Until next time!

xoxo Kota

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How i asked meh best friend and meh baby 2 " Be Meh Valentine "

I love you boff(: 

We Came To Dance....

We are the last of the jukebox romeos,
We are romantics by the light of the fourway
We came to sing out a chorus, reinvent the good times
And to bring it all back home again

Honey we came to dance with the girls with the stars in their eyes
Do the jump back jack stop and slide to the right
Never break their hearts never make em cry so come on
Strike up the band with a song that everybody knows
If I'm not your kind then don't tell a soul
I'm not the one who hates bein' alone so c'mon

And in this unstable arena
Of what's left or become of my America
I'm asking this dance so come take my hand, c'mon


And if they end it all by the end of tonight
If the big bombs drop down over this quiet Edison sky
We'll blow one last kiss to all the beautiful nights like this
under the central jersey skies


Cause you ain't never had a night on the town
Like I could show you such a night on the town
You ain't never had a song you could sing
It's a deep dark night, I hear you, I been there
and these are the songs we sing
and these are the songs we sing
You ain't never seen a two step
Like when you seen it from your mama's house
Where the kids flash like lightning
To the very best dancers in town
We learned from the very best dancers around
Come take my hand
Mama we came to dance

Oh GEEZUS i love The Gaslight Anthem(:
I'd Dance with Brian Fallon anyday!!(:

Kota x
See those scars on her arms....

They're to remind her..

...How many times he broke her heart
Ugh you fucking piss me off...

Saturday, January 29, 2011