Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'd look psychotic in a balaclava....

Vampire weekend...
Definately the best way to start a post! I haven't been up 2 much.. However i did put my untamed cooking skills to the test! I know you're thinking i probaly burnt down half of Missouri, but ALAS i did not(:
They actually turned out quite well(:
I'd love to post a picture, but blogger is obviously trying to save the last sliver of cooking dignity i have, and is refusing to let me.
Moving on..
I've been wondering how thin the walls are in this building...
Because i do quite enjoy blasting my music, but the man in the complex next to us has yet to complain. I guess the walls are thick. That or he enjoys The Gaslight Anthem and Florence + The Machine.
If so, we should get along quite well(:
Meh. I don't like snow.

Welp, i must be on my way now ladies and gents!

xoxo Kota