Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bumming Jessica's Laptop(:

Well since Little Miss Me doesn't have internet right this moment, i suppose my lovely bff Jess won't mind me bumming on her laptop ferr a couple seconds, now would she?

Jess- Nope!

Kota- Exactly(: So anywho! Christmas rocked, got some neato stuff(: Jessica ur family is crazy right now... Just saying...

Jess- Yeah...

Kota- But that's ok i totally love ur living Barbie mommy and ur awesome fishing daddy(: They rock(: and they're awesome(: as is ur Paramore poster... We were the FIRST die hard Parawhores... Just saying(:

Jess- Parawhores? I like it...

Kota- The poor "Masses" that read my blog... what will they think of our undyingly boring convos?

Jess- They won't understand us... But we do so that's alright!!!

Kota- Mitchell understands...(:


Kota- Jessica... That's...Awkward....Especially when they aren't here so they don't know that those AREN'T sex noises....

Jess- Oh...Oh...Ok... That's kind of awkward yes.... HAHA what the crap man?! Really?! REALLY!

Kota- Is this whole me-typing-out-our-conversation-thing starting to frighten my little Jessie?

Jess- YEA... Just a little...Kinda creepy....

Kota- Then i'm out! Bye bye bloggers(: Love you!

Jess- Really...... Really......... REALLY?! Oh geez.........

Monday, December 27, 2010

Woah There Sorry Guys!

Sorry I totally disapeared off the face of the planet ferr a little bit guys! I don't have any pictures to post or anything, just checking in to let ya'll know that i'm almost moved into my new hous (yay!) and hopefully internet will  be up soon! I'm also gonna get my own laptop(: Woot! Should be awesome, so i'll check back in a while(: Love Ya Always(:

Friday, December 24, 2010

What to do?

I feel like i'm just wasting time and talent. I feel like there's more, and i should be doing something with it! Like taking up some hobby... I don't know, like Photography, or Videography, or Modeling, or Clothes Design! I just want something to do, something to focus on to take my mind of... Shit. Ya know? So... I think i'm going to start up sewing my own clothes, then maybe work my way into Photography classes, and finally squeeze in Videography, for the hell of it. It sounds like a plan to me! Glad i could get that out of my system(:

Having Quite A Glamorous Christmas(:

Hope ya'll are having a great one! I know I am(: Can't wait to pop open some presents tonight(;
In the mean time check out some photos me and my friend Nicole took(:


Thursday, December 23, 2010

NutCracker... Awkward? Yes(:

Never quite enjoyed the name "NutCracker" but hey! It's whatever right? This was my 14th time seeing it, in 15 years(: The only time i DIDN'T see the Nutcracker, was when i was actually in it(: But that's legit i guess(: So anyway! I just wanted to wish all my blog followers, whom i love, a very merry Christmas/Hannukah!
Tomorrow i'll post some pics, me and my girly Nicolio are gonna take em(: Check out her blog:
She just made it, so there aren't any posts, but follow her for future ones! Haha(: Aight, well that's all ferr now! Love ya(:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have Yourself A Hello Kitty Christmas(:

My amazing and beautiful friends have given me some beautiful, and well made hello kitty gifts this merry old Christmas(: Check 'em out:

 This my dear friend Liz gave to me(: ^^^ She's a great friend! Love you Lizzyboo(:

This, Jessica made ferr me(: She's amazing at making cakes! I ate some of the whiskers...(: Omnomnom!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Very Much True Story Of Our Friendship... Or Should I Say... Not So Friendship

Let's see... How do i start something like this? At the beginning? See that would be great... if i even remembered when that was! Well how about i start at Saturday and then just trail off in a mindless rant from there? Sound good? Yea i thought so too.
So Saturday... well you see i wasn't really there, and you know how that whole "he said, she said" thing works. So here is what "He" said. Apparently my friend... Hmmm let's call her.. Yellow. Apparently Yellow made out with this guy she liked. Normal right? I was actually REALLY happy for her! And worried too! Because this guy... Red. Well he's kind of a bit of a player. But in the past Yellow really liked Red, so i was super happy to hear her news! Anyway, that's not all that happened, my used to be bestie Purple also did some things! Don't worry tho, not too scandalous. Purple isn't that kind of girl! Before Saturday night, she'd only kissed one boy EVER. Granted that's NOT a bad thing at all! Actually it's kind of something to be proud of! It means you respect yourself and don't go around kissing any old creature! Like myself.. but that's beside the point! Haha. You see, i always secretly looked up too purple! She was really well mannered, respected herself. But that was the FAKE side of her! When i really look back, she's a bitch! A bitch beyond repair! BBR! She was extremely two faced, had such a low self esteem that she felt the need to drag you down with her, and god was she moody! One second she'd love me and i'd say the wrong thing and she wigged out and yelled at me!
Now the issue boys and girls? She was only like this to ME. So if i went around and told someone I'D LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY! Because suddenly i was the one trash talking her for no reason! When really she caused me so many tears! So much hurt to my self esteem! She really made me feel like an ugly hoe who had no friends and no self respect! Why did Purple do this? Jealousy? Pity? Just the evil of her heart? I'll never know, and honestly ladies and gentleman, i don't CARE to know. You see i'm done with her hurtful games and foul words. Her stabs at my self esteem. Quite frankly, I'm done with her!
And folks, that is something i am VERY proud of myself for doing. Because for once, i stood up too her. I'm very proud. Without her i've come to realize i'm a beautiful, nice, well rounded, respected, young lady. As we all are! (Sub in man, if ur a boy!)
So if you have someone like "Purple" in your life, take my advice, just stand up to the SOB. They deserve to know it, and you deserve to have a life without 'em!


I'll admit.. even I find it slightly creepy that I'm making a post dedicated to my baby...But what can I say? I love him(: He's the sweetest guy I know, honestly. And definately the funniest! No I'm not just saying that. I really mean it! In fact I mean everything I say about him! Like the fact that I'd die without him! That he's the cutest guy I see! That his quirky smile makes my day! That his charming eyes warm me to my very core! I mean it all(: He's just the greatest guy! He helped me through my last break-up. The relationship had lasted a year and a half, so it was tough no doubt! But hey, that's life! All is well that ends well(: And it definately ended well for me! I mean Austin, he was a great guy! I'm seriously not going to lie! The way he held me and touched me and kissed me. No guy can ever do that again. Why? Because he was my first love. But hell, that doesn't mean they can't do it better! It'll never feel the same because no one kisses or hugs the same! Trust me I know.. But it's NOT because no one will ever be better than him! Honestly, I did believe we were going to last forever, but looking back on it. It would have never worked! Not sure how me and Sam will end, or if we will! But I'd like this to last a LONG time(: I love this boy, so cross your fingers for me!

Come and take my hand, I'll do the very best I can

Blog Stalking(:

So... The title may look slightly creepy! But I found these adorable photos on some peoples blogs and decided to re-post them on my own! If They're from ur blog, feel free to comment and tell me so! I'd love to give credit to the people, but I honestly looked at so many that I can't remember which blogs I snatched them from! So please, do tell(:

                                            I most definately ADORE her eye makeup, imma try it(:

                                                                    Love her jewelry(:

So there you have it(: I totally love these photos! So cutee! Keep posting these charming photo's loves(: They're the best!(:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sushi, A Riveting New Discovery!

Let's just say that I'm not the biggest seafood fan on the face of the Earth! So when my dad said he wanted sushi for dinner, I was very wary... Sushi? You mean like dolphin food?! I thought. But then I started to get excited! Afterall i LOVE trying new things! Especially food! (You kind of have to love the obscure and strange when you're a vegetarian. I mean as much as I wish you could, you just can't live on salad!)
Surprisingly I ended up loving sushi! I'm now a huge fan and plan on trying lots of new flavors. The only ones I have had so far are Avacodo and Salmon. Which totally rocked! But I have yet to tackle the oh-so intimidating chopsticks....

Currently Obsessing Over...

Almond Joys are most definately my favorite candy of ALL TIME! I could definately eat them every meal, every day!(:

Alright I am also currently IN LOVE with Turtles(: Especially Tiny adorable ones like these!(:

I'm obsessing over my Nikon P100 right now(: It's pretty kick-ass(:

This, my friends, is the Gaslight Anthem. A.k.a THE BEST BAND TO EVER EXIST ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! Just saying(:

Bento Box + Hello Kitty = Total Epic Win! That's right folks, I do have an undeniable obsession wiff that adorable white kitty that always has a little bow in her hair(:

Check back laterr(: C'ya!(: