Monday, December 20, 2010

The Very Much True Story Of Our Friendship... Or Should I Say... Not So Friendship

Let's see... How do i start something like this? At the beginning? See that would be great... if i even remembered when that was! Well how about i start at Saturday and then just trail off in a mindless rant from there? Sound good? Yea i thought so too.
So Saturday... well you see i wasn't really there, and you know how that whole "he said, she said" thing works. So here is what "He" said. Apparently my friend... Hmmm let's call her.. Yellow. Apparently Yellow made out with this guy she liked. Normal right? I was actually REALLY happy for her! And worried too! Because this guy... Red. Well he's kind of a bit of a player. But in the past Yellow really liked Red, so i was super happy to hear her news! Anyway, that's not all that happened, my used to be bestie Purple also did some things! Don't worry tho, not too scandalous. Purple isn't that kind of girl! Before Saturday night, she'd only kissed one boy EVER. Granted that's NOT a bad thing at all! Actually it's kind of something to be proud of! It means you respect yourself and don't go around kissing any old creature! Like myself.. but that's beside the point! Haha. You see, i always secretly looked up too purple! She was really well mannered, respected herself. But that was the FAKE side of her! When i really look back, she's a bitch! A bitch beyond repair! BBR! She was extremely two faced, had such a low self esteem that she felt the need to drag you down with her, and god was she moody! One second she'd love me and i'd say the wrong thing and she wigged out and yelled at me!
Now the issue boys and girls? She was only like this to ME. So if i went around and told someone I'D LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY! Because suddenly i was the one trash talking her for no reason! When really she caused me so many tears! So much hurt to my self esteem! She really made me feel like an ugly hoe who had no friends and no self respect! Why did Purple do this? Jealousy? Pity? Just the evil of her heart? I'll never know, and honestly ladies and gentleman, i don't CARE to know. You see i'm done with her hurtful games and foul words. Her stabs at my self esteem. Quite frankly, I'm done with her!
And folks, that is something i am VERY proud of myself for doing. Because for once, i stood up too her. I'm very proud. Without her i've come to realize i'm a beautiful, nice, well rounded, respected, young lady. As we all are! (Sub in man, if ur a boy!)
So if you have someone like "Purple" in your life, take my advice, just stand up to the SOB. They deserve to know it, and you deserve to have a life without 'em!