Monday, December 20, 2010


I'll admit.. even I find it slightly creepy that I'm making a post dedicated to my baby...But what can I say? I love him(: He's the sweetest guy I know, honestly. And definately the funniest! No I'm not just saying that. I really mean it! In fact I mean everything I say about him! Like the fact that I'd die without him! That he's the cutest guy I see! That his quirky smile makes my day! That his charming eyes warm me to my very core! I mean it all(: He's just the greatest guy! He helped me through my last break-up. The relationship had lasted a year and a half, so it was tough no doubt! But hey, that's life! All is well that ends well(: And it definately ended well for me! I mean Austin, he was a great guy! I'm seriously not going to lie! The way he held me and touched me and kissed me. No guy can ever do that again. Why? Because he was my first love. But hell, that doesn't mean they can't do it better! It'll never feel the same because no one kisses or hugs the same! Trust me I know.. But it's NOT because no one will ever be better than him! Honestly, I did believe we were going to last forever, but looking back on it. It would have never worked! Not sure how me and Sam will end, or if we will! But I'd like this to last a LONG time(: I love this boy, so cross your fingers for me!

Come and take my hand, I'll do the very best I can