Monday, January 31, 2011

And in my head there's all these classic cars and outlaw cowboy bands...

Hello fellow bloggers

I haven't really posted a to post in a while, eh?
Well here it is!
So fear no more(:
Current Obsession: Bracelets

I'm pretty sure i have succesfully made a world record for number of Almond Joys consumed in one setting(:
What can i say? I just adore those little chocolate coated coco-nut almond clusters(:

On another topic, i miss New York.
No like really guys, I'm suffering withdrawal! I might have to consult a psychiatrist if the symptoms get worse!

Ever heard of the Gaslight Anthem? No? You're missing out.
Go look 'em up. Right now.
Specifically, "We Came To Dance"

I'm proud to say i'm finally over all the thick make-up and black hair(:
I'm back to good 'ol boring writer, classic novel reading, indie music listening, v-neck wearing, red hair sporting, cheesy smile flashing, and blog obsessing Kota

So ya'll can stop fretting!
Though i do have great respect for girls who dye their hair Blue(:
But mine will now stay CHERRY RED (though orange, and yellows will be added at random times)

I love the font Helvetica
It's pretty legit

I discovered the band: The Sex Pistols   today(: They rockk(:

That's all(:
Until next time!

xoxo Kota