Sunday, January 9, 2011

50 Facts♥

1. My favorite color is any shade of Blue
2. I hate pickles. They're devils food.
3. Sometimes i'm to lazy, so i don't wear makeup
4. I have an obsession wiff hello kitty
5. My phone is made of corn plastic
6. My favorite show is "That 70's Show" and "Gossip Girl"
7. Paramore (in my opinion) is to mainstream now
8. I love Hottopic, but like urban outfitters just the same(:
9. My favorite ice cream flavor is Vannilla
10. I spend most of my time on Blogger(:
11. Anymore, i pretty much hate facebook
12. Losing A was a shame, gaining S was good karma♥
13. I'm Sam Phillips girlfriend♥
14. I smiled when i typed #13
15. #13 is my favorite number, which is why i made that question that fact(:
16. It wasn't the goodbye that hurt, but the memories that followed
17. I love sundae flavored poptarts(:
18. My favorite font is Courier
19. The word "Potpourri" makes me giggle(:
20. I hate my smile
21. I love my nose
22. I could not live with out my eyeliner
23. I will always wear more than 3 rings on my fingers
24. I don't believe in        "Forever"
25. Every 11:11 I wish for it ^^
26. I prefer to eat dessert first
27. I love who i am
28. I think i'm beautiful, but i'm not a bitch about it.
29. I'm not rich, but i'm not poor
30. I would never wish wealth upon someone, in my eyes, it's the worst curse you could have
31. I'd rather be in New York
32. I will be in 3 years
33. If i could have one wish, i'd wish for the wish to go to someone else, because there's nothing more i could want
34. I love writing, and not to brag, but i'm amazing at it.
35. I hope to be a journalist someday, and publish at least one novel before i die
36. I enjoyed modeling, but i hated the people
37. Sometimes i want to disappear
38. My favorite thing to eat, is sushi♥
39. Chopsticks are overrated
40. Everytime i think "Project Runway" I think of You(:
41. My dog is my worst enemy, and my best friend(:
42. My best friend lives in Georgia (Not my dog.. Kelsey♥)
43. I have problems, and they're extremely obvious if you know me well.
44. I'm scared to fall in love, but then i'm also scared to be alone.
45. My parents are divorced
46. I love them BOTH equally
47. My hair colors are EPIC(:
48. I wish i could pull of completely blue hair
49. I love Life
50. I don't believe in anything but the Here and Now♥